Die Essenz
der Natur.

pur & unverfälscht


Pflanzenauszüge & Co

wildwerk steht für wilde Kräuter, außerhalb des „normalen“ Gartens. Für altertümliches Wissen, aufgefrischt mit neuen Ideen. Für das Einfache aber dennoch Wirkungsvolle. Für Gesundheit & Wohlbefinden. Für die Natur, wild robust & beständig.

Die Natur,
wild, robust & beständig.

100 % Natur

Products don’t contain any animal ingredients and are totally cruelty free.


Be the change — choose sustainable. We donate 3% of our profits to organizations that save our planet.

echte Handarbeit

Our Products are 100% plastic free and travel friendly, too!

Natural Materials

Our zero waste products are produced and packaged with the best natural ingredients.


We support Our Planet!

We donate 3% of every purchase made in our shop to “Save the World” Organization.

Some love

From Our Customers

״I love everything about this brand. All of the products are sustainable. The delivery is really quick, and the service is warm and friendly :)״

Julie Morris

״The stuff is really amazing here. I was searching for this kind of eco shop for a long time. This shop is a great fit for vegans like me, strongly recommended!״

Brian Kelly